MMFplay - A player for SMAF files

MMFplay is an open source player for Yamaha SMAF files (also known as MMF ringtones for mobile phones).

MMFplay is being developed in Linux but it should be easy to port to other platforms. Sound drivers from Sarien are included in the package.

SMAF files

Yamaha SMAF files are designed for use with Yamaha mobile audio LSIs such as the YMU762 (MA-3) sound generator. MMFplay currently uses the YMF262 FM synthesizer for sound output.

You can find SMAF files in the Yamaha website.


Here is a list of some mobile phones that use MA-3. More devices listed in the Yamaha handsets list.


MMFplay is still under development. For more information and CVS access to the existing codebase, check the Sourceforge project page.